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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Porky's Goofy Ghost-Who's THERE?

Sorry for being so late with new posts..

Porky Pig has had many occupations, like Mr.Magoo, Mickey Mouse, and Huck Hound and of his was as legal investigator into a haunted house,
haunted by a ghost. (Bob Clampett's masterpiece "Jeepers Creepers") Many debate whether the ghost's voice, much like Walt Disney veteran/Legend Pinto Colvig (1892-1967) was or wasn't the voice. However,
researchers Keith Scott, Hames Ware and Graham Ware found and revealed in the long late, lamented, ANIMATO! magazine that it's Mel Blanc doing the not-so
(and, sorry, Mr.Colving, I hate to admit it), imitatble voice..(but then Mr.Colvig like Goofy would say, "Argh, Garsh, shucks, Anybuddy kin do that voice..kyuk.!:)
However researchers have noted that a line IS Pinto Colvig's, in the MIDDLE of the cartoon. Young researcher in UK Steve Hartley, in his excellent "Likely Looney Mostly Merrie" chronological (and MUCH
recommended and addicting!) blog has reviewed it on April 1, and limited ANY praise to an April Fool's joke, but right down to Mr.Ghost's Jeepers song rendition I believe it to be a true
comedy classic. Now, Blanc's (except the middle "Who's There") the WHOLE ghost, BUT IN THE MIDDLE..AND JUST ONE WHAT BEAVERS MAKE LINE?? Colvig HAD moved around this time, 1939,
to Max Fleischer's new Florida studio, as well as doing his trademark Goofy Disney character in the friendly grasshopper-as-fish bait short "Goofy and Wilbur". Perhaps he'd left and retracted
or passed to Walt's studio the rights to the voice (familiar story) and Mel Blanc simply impersonated him entirely making himself the only voice actor heard in "Jeepers Creepers", but it was mutually agreed
but the studios involved to let one of selected Pinto Colvig's Ghost lines remain, and the one after "Jeepers" is sung, "Who's dere?"...but it only adds up if it was the FIRST line, as the case I mentioned is
speculated and frankly, doesn't make sense.  In any way, "Jeepers Creepers" has a far better vehicle here than as "Daffy humilation" music in 1957's Freleng outing"Showbiz Bugs".:-) It's first heard in Warner Bros.'s 1938 musical
"Going Places." Now..WHERE DID you get your eyes?

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