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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crediting Beany and co. for the 1960s..

Howdy, folks..back with another post..

Anyone looking at the typically Clampett type rebus-type funny credits for the classic 1962 Benay and Cecil cartoon based off on the classic 1948-1954 puppet show
'will ntoice how impressive these are..names from Hoyt Curtin to Terrell Stapp to Homer Jonas to Art Scott to Carl Bell to Bob and Sody Clampett Pathe Lab to Ryder Sound Services! All departments, credited. Well, ALL except for ONE.

Bob Clampett was a great director but one of the things that was an object of a huge fight on the original show was with Stan Freberg and Daws Butler, who created the show and the voices. Bob and Chuck Jones have earned the Warner Bros. "dis-honor" of "smearing each other" on the subject of creativity of the Warner shorts. After Freberg and Butler left over these arguments and lawsuits and such, other performers, Jim McGeorge [the 1966 Laurel and Hardy cartoons for Hanna-Barbera, Wolper, MetroMedia and Larry Harmon] and Erv Shoemaker [who apparently has no other franchise or one shot special credits,etc.] handling the voices...MacGeorge the Butler roles [Beany, Capt. Huffenpuff] and Shoemaker the Freberg roles. [Cecil, Dishonest John].
Perhaps hte lact of voice credits [a mike or something in the rebus-style credits of the early 1960s animated cartoon version of "Beany and Cecil" [original Mattel's Matty Funday Funnies, replacing Harveytoons], was a concession to the former voices so audiences, who'd even then knew something about Freberg and Butl;er on the show, wouldn't know of their absence [more noticeable later when people gave a darn about animation]. In short: Perhaps so as to go on, Clampett didn't put the Beany voices, as they were replacements since 1954 due to the famous Clampett "ego" on the credits, in case anyone gave a damn. The cast who appeared in both shows in full is another deal...anywya note on YouTube the Beany'll see almost EVERY department credited on the end. But NOT the cast.

It's also been said that Clampett left Columbia veteran Art Scott (also longtime of Hanna-Barbera) the director credit but that Esperanto-rebus Clampettian credit may throw some people, it's the Dishoney John timing pic which has Art Scott's name...

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