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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tralfaz: Linus the One-Hit Wonder

Tralfaz: Linus the One-Hit Wonder: Hanna-Barbera, Filmation and DePatie-Freleng cranked out series after series, year after year, for Saturday morning network programming. And...

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tralfaz: Hot Dogs, Discoveries and a Batfink, and Happy new year

Tralfaz: Hot Dogs, Discoveries and a Batfink: An awful long time ago, there was an educational children’s show on Sundays on ABC called “Discovery.” I never saw it for a number of reaso..

I also wanna say Happy New year,Mar.3,2018.

RIP to the greatest BATFINK

If the name FRANK BUXTON doesn't ring a Bat-wing, the show Batfink the previous year's debut, Batman starring, oh, who's those guys- Michael Keaton, Christan ADAM WEST, and BURT WARD. ..ah the serious I mema cmapy show, this was a spoof on Batman.,.created byBatman's own Bob Kane (who also creaed the 1960 Crusader Cat/Minute Mouse..I guess if private eyeballs/mystery 1950s shows needed Hanna-Barbera's dynamic duo, Super Snoopper and B;abbermouse, as a cat and mouse then superheroes dd too, and also Bob Kane, the same year his batty hero was spoofed by Batman in its debut also created Cool McCool, a Beatles-looking hero-hey, the Beatles had their series..).

Frank Buxton playhed the character of Batfink, a hero who was a batr..and had a friend, a Japanese friend, who even then spoof Brooklyunese, named Karate. Hugo a Go Go remains the major villian.

Background music came from vairous libraries, and in a move that showed maybe six certain WB cartoons from the winter of 1958 could have done this, used Ray,ond Scott records. Not a house band or orchestra to do this. The actual records (Raymond Scott would have been a game idea for the Capitol library, and especially Quick Draw McDraw can be easily imagined among Hanna-Barbera with the Scott music, especially with Michael Maltese writer, most H-B and even Leonardo-TTV cartoons might be even more interesting if Scott had been used as a "music library'). A handful of Euro music libraries, though interestingly, the Capitol one never, apparently, were used.

I forgot who Karate were played by.Bob McFadded/ (This was a New York show..darling).

Batfink remained for a while i syndication. Then Nickelodeon brought back the reruns (with different credits). (BTW considering the station gave us Ren and Stimpy, showing Batfink wasn't surpring.)

Hal Seeger Produced Batfink. That Frankenstein.