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Monday, June 13, 2016

JUDY JETSON now in Orbit, and actual age reveleaed, 1920-2016

Yet anopther one has left and one I'm very proud to have beenacebook friends. Was on Hanna-Barbera's Jetsons as Judy most famous but as Josie, Granny Sweet, Penny Pitstop,etc., also even for Warner Bros.-Spielberg and Filmnation and as well as a handful of Ruby-Spears roles.

Janet Waldo, b.2/4/20, passed on this weekend. She was discovered by Bing Crosby around 1928 then played regular radio shows (including KFWB, WB;s station) and became Corliss Archer, the Judy like Teen for 13 yrs...1943-1956.This became THE PROTOTPYE for Judy, though not for all Waldo teens.>

Always sounding like that, (familiar story) nevertheless she could and did play different types (Nancy in HB's 1967 "Shazzan" would NOT have gone rockstar cazy...:)) and also did different other kinds of roles../.Warner Bros.and Quinn Martin featured her in a 1960s "The Untouhables" on a a teenagert.Ironically, she got too few roles on WB and offshoot DFE (there she's only the little girl and the bird in "Tiny Tree") and other studios...I was pleased and honored to be accepted by her on her Facebook pagem, very close to haivng met her.

Even though I never met her in PERSON, I became Facebook friends. She also played a "June Foray" with a wild streak type, a Granny in the 1965 H-B "Precious Pupp" cartoon as Granny Sweet. 

She died very peacfully June 12,yesterday.

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