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Thursday, July 27, 2017

It was a Rocky life, and a good one..all nearly 100 years of it..

No, NOT Sylvester Stallone! But the OTHER one..JUNE FORAY, 1917-2017, aka Rocky and Nastasha  on Rocky, Granny from post 1954-Tweety appearances, and many others, more than I cared after the 1970s to watch (though her Jokey Smurf was an antidote to the other Smurf's "Goody Goody" persona). Born iN Springfield, MA, on Spe.t18,1917, she did radio, kids records and others 1940s stuff and starting doing cartoon voices (the 50s seemed to be where she'd really get underway), and on TV later that decade , she became Rocket J.Squirrell on Rocky the Flying squirrell and others. Even appeared as the first female voice fore Hanna-Barbera-twoYogi bear cartoons in Huckleberry Hound's freshman 1958 season, "Daffy Daddy" (not to be confused with the Boy scout opus with Boo Boo and the permanent Ranger, Mr.Smith) and "Bear on a Picnic". She played (with a "tired" Daws Butler) a ticked off, protective mother (today we'd call 'em "soccer moms") who shoos Yogi (an earlier Ranger, voiced by JUne's later Smurf costar DON MESSICK, also appears.)

She went on through the 60s and 70s, joined by other females like BEA BENADERET, VERNA FELTON, JANET WALDO (who passed over a year ago), NANCY WIBLE, GINNY TYLER, JEAN VANDRPYL to continue on countlesss classic era theatrical and television cartoo n roles..JUne even appears in person on a "Green Acres" episode. Though I'm not a fan of Foray's later assignments (stuff like American Dad, Garfield,etc.which don't even star her anyway), she was a longtime, and longlived talent, who will be missed but will live on along with the others. Incidentally one of my next post sthis of next mpnth with be on her peer Janet Waldo's trademark series, "The Jetsons"'s 55th anniversary..

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy New Year..The 60th anniversary of full force TV animated shows

After the success of late 40s shows like Jay Ward/Art Anderson/JerryFairbanks "Crusader Rabbit", and isolated successes like "Gumby",1957 saw the appearances of a number of shows..shows like "Bozo the Clown", by Larry Harmon studio based on Alan W.Livingston's characvter form the 40s, appeared, as did Hanna-Barbera's first, "Ruff and Reddy', in 1957 (by the way, sorry, but the later 80s-90s shows to me are a whole different Hanna-Barbera, esp.the Aussie produced and Cartoon Network shows, but that's a minority near the end of the line), and soon later, HUckleberry Hound, the Harmon stuido's first harevest of Bozo's, and even the revival of Crusder Rabbit. Just without Lucille Bliss, also known as Anastasia "Stacey" Stepsister of Cinderella and Smurfette of you-know-what-franchise.)TVS/Creston Productions (Crusader), Sam Singer and others soon became successful. After all, theatrical were being shown (and Paramount and Warner Brothers with "A.A.P.", why not?) Yowp( has a lot more for this diamond 60th anniversary and has said a lot more than I ever could..just eking out a new article..for the new yhear,2017.