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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New home for a beloved blog..

Any of you reaidng my blogs may know that longtime fellow contributor KEVIN LANGLEY has hosted the beloved CARTOONS MODELS SHEETS & STUFF blog but Google kicked it off. Fortunately, that one has been archived as I hope to do with mine, so you can it here at

THe blog has had many videos and studies of the lesser known 1940s-50s theatrical cartoon animators as well as misc.unsung veterans in the business. And vidoes. And Videos. And Videos. And videos. And..well, you get the idea.

Sadly, Google did,too, to the point that they removed Kevin';s vdeo links for coipyright infringment but at the address above, again,, (for conveince sake), you'll be able to return to that blog (and trust me, you WILL be retjunring.
So will a certain orange horse who carried Gumby around and helped him round up some  blockheads who for unknown reasons, had G & J child's blocks for heads to make a kind of pun, before REAL blockheads ruined our adventures in 1987.:))

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