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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Years, and upcoming odds here 'n' ends there

Happy New Year's day to all readers, even if it IS a few days late.

Nothing exactly yet has been planned but ideas are:
"Flintstones" credits from earlier 1960-62 altered to fit one post-Pebbles,1962 episode when the Screen Gems/Columbia Pictures TV fonts since September 1966 when the show first went into syndication [thank you Screen Gems./Columbia TV\and then the restoration of the first seasons by the late Earl Kress to the fit the season each given episode is from, post-childbirth/1962,since circa around 2000, as well as the
use of similiar gang credits from the remainder 1960-62 aince 1995.

At least one look at one obscure Saturday Morning cartoon special.

The real vs imitated voices of animated characters based on 1920s-1960s radio/cartoon voices [example,. Frank Nelson and Howard MacNear alternating being, and impersonting, their respective trademark personas on very early "Flintstones"].

Oddball opening circle/shield titles in Warner Bros.cartoons.

The "Hold the tiger" roaring lion used in some MGM cartoons.

Some long-forgotten animated TV commercials of 1950s-early 1970s and the original "Tootsie Pop Licks" ad as it appeared back in fall/winter 1969 and a "share" commerical from that time.

And many more, as they, hopefully, not neccessarily in that order. I may be starting music and other type blogs, so check back.

And for heaven's sake, go to Internet Animation Database forums and GAC Facebook, and my Your Pony Pal Pokey,too, blog, about the 1950s-60s state of Gumby

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