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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Goodbye, Golden Age Cartoon Forums..

And welcome back!

The longtime GAC forums, in various incarnations, also known as the Termite Terrace Trading Post, which since 2004 had been under the GAC name, has been discontinued as of last month.

However, it lives on in GAC Archives. There is also the GAC Facebook as well. Also, IAD - Internet Animation Database - Forum has carried on the tradition of the forums, which started around 1997 as just The Termite Terrace Trading Post, after the old 1930s-1960s Warner Bros.cartoon unit [actually, THAT name started in the mid to late 30s for the more outrageous Tex Avery type cartoonists..:)]...I post under Pokey J.Anti-Blockhead [neat, no?:)] on that forum.

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