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Friday, November 18, 2011

Heinz-57 varieties of music

What do Three Stooge cartoons from the early 60s, "It's Alwaays Sunny in Philadelphia", movie intermission [even today..], radio and TV ads to this day, old test cards, and
many televiison sitcoms have in common that I haven't mentioned as a post topic?

Yet another composer.Heinz. 57 varieties of music and of property sassociatons."

Heinz Kiessling was born in 1926 in Germany, and became associated with many studio orchestras of the day. He worked for radio shows, hit records, and--you guessed it--stock cue libraries. One of these would be Southern, and another KPM. Like other composes, he'd be likely or others woud be likely, to assign different titles to the same cues, especially if you're a "Always Sunny..Philly" fan on FX or just like the read the titles, heard the cues, and known the titles from various blogs such as Bryan's Lounge, Schadenfreudian Therapy,etc.

At least for the "Sunny in Philly" current TV show
For instance:
Tandam Holiday="On your bicycle"
Haute Couture="Temptation Sensation", the "It's Always Sunny" theme.
The First Flirt = "Stepping Out".That makes sense.

THE TUNES AS ON "SPENDING SPREE" on BRYAN LORD's BLOG, "BRYAN'S L:OUNGE": [<a href=""]Bryan's Lounge</a>]
That second tune was on Bryan L.'s homemade "Spending Spree" collection under that name, and other renaming was done for a handful of other cues-Phillip Green's "Augie Doggie" Capitol cue "Bush Baby" aka in Capitol, [circa 1957] "Comedy Movement PG-149" is listed as "Curious Kittens"[and don't even get me started on what CARLIN's "Classic Cartoon Fun" CAR 404 - see either PLAY PRODUCTION MUSIC or APM.COM and go to CARLIN PROD.MUSIC - did--calling it "Animal Magic"-as happens to a lot of old produciton cues. Even composer credits were changed for that "Spending Spree" collection: A Dennis Farnon tune called "Bring on the Girls" in the KPM librsary  popularized by Ideal Toy Corproation in  a 1960s "Rebound" ad, been re-credited on that "Spending Spree" list of tracks on Bryan's Lounge, to George Steiner as "Tater Tot Parade", in the "Spending Spree" colleciton. Coincidentally, both Dennis Farnon and George Steiner had a Rocky connection, to Bullwinkle..both composed for the seerioes and did cue stock cues..].

Back to Heinz.. Like others, he collaborated, in this case, with a pianist named Werner Tautz. Compositions, as I know them, are besides those mentioned,
and these are just some favorites,
"Happy Forest"
"Fruling in Stockholm"
"King of Krug"
"Busy Amadeus"
"Epsom Derby"
"Good Choice"
and the two mentioned in reference to the R-rated adult-com [the Lisa Lampanelli of cable sitcoms, if you will] current FX show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

The tune "Sunny" people know as "Get on your Bike", which I know as "Tandem Holiday", is a favorite, so is "Visit to Amsterdam" & "Green Island".

All of them were used in  various 1950s-1960s American TV cartoon shows. I believe The Quick Draw show, the Augie ones  "Skunk You Very Much" & "High and Flighty", may have used one, as <a href="">Yowp</a> mentioned, though it's only a VERY wild guess,  through KPM or somewhere else, through Capitol.

As mention at the start, "The New Three Stooges" used these, as well.

So there you go....comments definitely welcome here.

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