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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mr.Turtle, Mr.Turtle, Mr,Turtle..MR.COW?????? A look at the original version of that beloved 1969 lollipop commercial

"Mr.Turtle".."Mr.Owl"..then announcer. "Mr.Turtle".."Mr.Owl"..then announcer. "Mr.Turtle".."Mr.Owl"..then announcer.
Okay, you know how that ONE OLD commercial to run, on all stations, not just NICK at NITE as a "Retro-Mercial "starts. Okay, here it again..."Mr.Cow"..WHATTT! Mr.COW. With Frank Nelson doing his famed "Eyessssss" shtick..okay, conversaiton..then okay, little biy meets Mr.TURTLE---wait. No. MR.FOX--with Peter Lorre [Paul Frees}?
Mr.Fox's advice now, though, DOES lead to.."Mr.Turtle".."Mr.Owl"..then announcer. EXCEPT for a little bit of dialogue from the owl
and some smart alecky retort due to the owl eating the kid's lollipop, this is the same..As a matyter of the fact the title is Mr.Cow..won a Cleo award [for ads] in 1971.
Now WHAT WAS that?

It's the original late 1969 version of the memorable, perrenial "Tootsie Pop ad".
You know, the one that at least a lot of you, under, say, 35 years, know as follows:
Boy (goes up to the turtle, Tootsie roll pop in his hand, voiced by Jodie Foster's brother Buddy):"Mister Turtle. How many LICKS does it take to get to the
TootsieTM  Roll center of a Tootsie PopTM"
Turtle (elderly, with glasses, voiced by "Mork and Mindy"'s Ralph James):"I never made it without biting. Ask Mr.
(Scene fades)
Boy (now with Owl on tree):"Mr.Owl, How many LICKS does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll
centre of a Tootsie PopTM.
Owl (voiced by Paul Winchell a la British actor Richard Haydn?):"A good QUESTION, let's find out"(licks then bites the kid's sucker!):
"A-one, a two"(then after crunching into it), a-three), (gives lollipop back to boy,who is now very visibled disgrunted) "A thr-r-re"9trills R's)
Announcer (Herschel "Fiddler on the Roof" Bernardi and in the world of commercials, elsewhere in TV land as "Charlie the Tuna", normal tone):
"How many licks Does it take.." You readers already know that ad...
The original was the same with the following..
It was cut down due to FCC rules agaunst boringly long commercials.. In either case, it's the only surviving ad..and inspired many T shirts, YouTube parodies, as well as the writer-director's original online, done for Fred Wolf, ["The Point",etc/]. Now...just HOW MANY licks DOES it take...depends on whether one eats or lkcks the's never aired in its original form since around 1972, its fourth year.

The Cow [yesss..male]/FRANK NELSON
The "Peter Lorre-sounding" Fox/PAUL FREES

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