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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The TRUE story of TRANS-LUX cartoons?

"Wiley"'s post on the GAC forum site had me wondering, too, if the Trans-Lux studio [repsonsible most notably for Felix the Cat & Herclues with a veyr young Johnny Nash singing, and getting SCREEN CREDIT], among others, wasn't the continuing Paramount Cartoon Studio, which under its own name [after switching from Famous in 1956] just using a different name.

The same stock cues by Win Shaples Sr. were, after all, used, but they turned up on some Total TV shows [NOT a off-shoot from Paramont, just in the area], and the evidence is supported, as WileE noted, with Jack Mercer's voice, as he only worked until the dreadful 1970s "Popeye" revival at Paramount animation, plus Joe Oriolo [the creator of Caspet the Friendly Ghost] and asome others [Jim Tyer and some other famous Paramount animators as the animation].

I too have wondered wether Trans-Lux/.Oriolo, aka the credited "Felix the Cat Productions" on that show, or "Adventure Cartoons for Television" for Herc, weren't a part of Paramount animation studios..but other studios used the same stock music, so it may have just been a easy moment with the same crew and NYC Locale involved.

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