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Thursday, October 6, 2011

ALVIN, BEANY, WOODY and more musical stuff!!

"Benay...I'm Coming...ALLLVIN"!!!! These two may not...or shall we say, DO not occur at once, but after hearing the Bob Clampett 1962 cartoon"Beany and Cecil Show" episodes like "A Visit to the Schmoon", "Cecil Meets Cecilia" and others, one hears a fast, spunky riff heard on the Ross Bagdasarian 1961 Chipmunks--"A-dadaDADADAdada"..a comedy stinger with an "Abba Dabba Honeymoon" ending.."and a ABBA daabba ABBA DAAAA"! This is a Big Top type tune done a jazzy, happy cue on the Chipmunks. This cue has shared space on the Bea ny soundtrack, as fellow animation historan/showcaser Thad K. on a recent post on his informative "What About Thad"? blog mentioned, with Darrell Calker's [1905-1964, Walter Lantz musician largely in 1940s] scores [in the case of the Cecilia one, "Chew Chew Baby",1945, not to be confused with the Famous Studios on over a decade later of thatr time.] . Speaking of Famous, it's of course well known music director Winston Sharples compiled HIS cues for his later libraries, most notably the first that used the classic 1950s Famous cartoons's* cues for various shows like "Felix",[produced by Casper creator Joe Oriolo], and "Tennesee Tuxedo"[TTV], with a later one, as Dave Mackey recalls, having cues ending up on H.Seeger's "Batfink" [1967].
It's well known that Bob Clampett and ROss Bagdasarian hung out a lot, and on the "Ed Sullivan" Show that Clampett designed the Chipmunks. This may explained ESPECIALLY since the Beany carotons ALL seems to have in the earlier foreign theatrical life PREDATED the Alvin show on TV. Ross B. may have rearranged the stoinger I mentioend to give Clampett his music identity, and royalties...In fact this is like Clampett buddy/discipl;e [near and far] and Nickeloeon creator John K.,'s outlandish "Ren and Stimpy" in its use of both live and stock music sources..

*The Paramount cartoons using the classic first Winston Sharples and Hal Seeger music libary, Scroll..
"The Case of the Mussing Robin"
"Patriotic Popeye"
"Owly to Bed"
"Cock-a-Doodle Dino"
"Child Sock-ology"
"Bicep Built for Two"
"Sky Scrapper"
"Casper's Spree Under the Sea"[the first Fulltiem Casper]
"The voice of the Turkey"
"Grateful Gus"
"Dizzy Dishes".

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