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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The "Toodling" Ocarina Augie Doggie cue

On his excellent as always blog, Yowp Yowp has finally come across the name (details on how in the blog) of a sweet potato aka ocarino cue with electric guitar, possibly an early jazz-rock cue in Hanna-Barbera, that shuffled across soundtracks of three Auggie/Doggie Daddy cartoons, "Mars Little Precious","A Peck O'Trouble", and "Yuk Yuk Duck", as well in other productions (possibly some of "Ruff and Redddy" and the 1964 "Pinocchio in Outer Space').

The cue in question, Hecky Krasnow's "Swinging Ghosts" is a weird, even funny one that should have been made more use of it--its composer, a Sam Fox
music library regular who was formerly with Columbia Records childrens dept., had written the longrunning Doggie/Daddy stock cue "The Happy Cobbler" but also veteran UK bandleader (also hugely known for years in the US) Ted Heath and also The Vampires did this as a ?commercially? released song.

Link on  Yowp's blog url again for more..

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