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Sunday, May 17, 2015

RIP, JOHN STEPHENSON, 1923-2015, this time for real

Forget about the last FAKE death notice that someone tried doing..

There were rumors 3 years ago of John Stephenson, also known as Fred Flintstone's bossy employer G.T.Slate,
and the assorted Cary grant, Edward Everett Horton, W.C.Fields, Howard McNear, Frank Nelson,etc. sounding
Bedrock inhabitants all on the show, and of Top Cat's Cary Grant like buddy "Fancy Fancy",  and of Johnny Quest's
dad Dr.Quest (when Don Messick wasn't doing the voice), and finally of all those Scooby Doo villians, and of many other
announcements (from Dragnet TV announcings)to current Account-Temps radio ads) having passed on.
At the time, back then, proven false.
Life could go on.

But now all those rumors are finally proven true, as over the weekend Mr.Stephenson finally, at 91, succumbed.

You can read much more here:

A native of Kenosha, Illinois, John Stephenson started doing a number of radio shows and TV as well, very admirable, even appearing in the very first
I Love Lucy (most voice artists this side of Mel Blanc appeared there)..and , well, Yowp (JGB) has more on it..
RIP George Slate, Fancy Fancy, the E.E.Horton like "Dr.Stonewall" ("When a person's sick he needs help, help help help", season 2's "X-Ray Story), Perry Gunite (doing that real hip wlak to heaven that he did when going into his when Fred viuisited him-Season1's "Love Letters"), the X-Ray doctor who also had the Horton like voice ("If a HUMAN ever got a DINOPEPETIC germ? Oo..we doctors even HATE to think ABOUT it", also from
Season 2,"X-Ray Story), the policemen, Hollyrock directors,etc.on the Stones, Top Cat's Grant sounding "Fancy Fancy", Johnny Quest's beloved dad, and even that guy at the amusement park who..oh yeah. Old Man Dithers (HEY....anyone who can gripe about Scooby Doobie
and those meddling kids is okay in our bookeroo!)

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