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Monday, July 18, 2016

Didja ever hear of "Duffy's Dozen"?

Many pilot shows have made been and shown...Hanna-Barbera, in 1970-71, tried with a Brady Bunch times twice with a sheepdog (thirteen,get it?)
in a sitcom that Makr Evanier and others came across, titled "Duffy's Dozen". Voices include Casey Kasem as, for once, a very funny young teenage boy out of the twelve kids, and Janet Waldo as Alice, the mother. The gimmicks were, live photographic backgrounds and all adopted, some non white, kids.

Pretty good, no laugh track (yet)! I wonder if other soundtracks or a complete unaired (FINGERS crossed!) series exists..

The one peiosde here concerns a bear getting the father's bowling ball stuck on his finger.

You can actually link easily min the video post above.

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  1. By the way:
    Jusat checked Internet Movie which covewrs also TV and IT'S NOT EVEN LISTED! No SURPRISE!