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Friday, June 29, 2012

"Wacky Wabbit" somewhat wacky Stalling theme

Everyone knows the many themes in Warners Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, likewise the MGM, HB,etc.

In the next months I hope to get a handful of articles on this subject. Opening visual logos,too.Don't worry.

 The WB Merrie Melodies will get a few of these articles.
The first one deals with a remix of the most durable Merrie Melodies closing theme variation
(whose main version originted in the 1941 Sniffles short "Toy Trouble".)
This theme variaiton originated with the 1941-42 Bugs and Elmer short "Wacky Wabbit", directed by Bob Clampett (it'sthe prospecting fat Elmer one). The open is the standard 1941-1944 one but the ending is a odd, interesting slight remix of Carl W.Stalling's theme of the song (Charflie Tobias and the incomparable Eddie Cantor, with M.K.Jerome.,wrtiers), which deb uted
(in the cartoons) in 1935 in I.Freleng's "Billboard Frolics" and sung by Mr.Cantor, "Merrily We Roll Along").

This 1940s slight variation of the most longest closing theme arrangement, after being on "Wacky Wabbit"(not to be confused with "Wakiki Wabbit")
appeared on these subsequent Blue Ribbon Merrie Melody Reissue showings (cartoons arranged by initial release)
"The Merry Old Soul"(1935)
"Tick Tock Tuckered"(itself a remake of 1937's "Porky's Badtime Story")(1943)
"Booby Hatched" (1944)
"Trap-Happy Porky" (1944)
"Peck Up Your Troubles" (1945)
in addition to "Wacky Wabbit".
Stalling loved to play around with the themes. We'll more in a future article.

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